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At the end of each semester, every college student needs to submit an authentic term paper which accounts for a large part of their overall grade. Also known as a research paper, the students are asked to write on a variety of term paper topics. From describing a technology to a constructive argument in humanities, anything can be a topic of term paper.

What is a term paper?

Generally a term paper is a detailed document which often ranges to several pages. Submitted at the end of the semester, a term paper discusses the topic in precise detail. It originally began in the 19th century and became a significant part of the tertiary education in the late 20th century. Professors and the eminent educationalists often say that the term papers are one of the prominent tools to judge the potentials of the students.

Procedure to write a term paper

According to the eminent professors, developing a term paper follows a definite procedure. Though it depends on the term paper topic, still the basic structure and the method remains the same. The established procedure is as follows:

* Choosing the topic

The students should choose their topic carefully. Sometimes a team of professors decide and allot the topics among the students. But if the students are given the opportunity, they should choose such a topic which they can deal comfortably. There are some topics about which very little information is available. Such topics should be avoided.

* Comprehensive research

A term paper should be authentic and should provide an original contribution to the topic. For this a complete and comprehensive research about the topic is necessary. The most common sources of information are text books, references from the library and internet. The students can also consult previous works on the same topic. It will broaden their ideas.

* Drawing an outline
Preparing the first draft is necessary with writing a term paper. It is essential to answer and prove a point through the research paper. The term paper may need to defend a statement or argue against it. Accordingly, the write-up should be planned and executed. A draft may serve the purpose to provide a guideline on how to proceed. It will be the skeleton of the final paper as you need to write the term paper following a proper methodology.

* Make a definite point

Every term paper should make a point towards the topic. An interesting introduction followed by a proper structure will make it more engrossing for the reader. The students should organize the write-up properly with a constructive approach. It should include the personal experience and the personal findings to make it more authentic.

* A worthy conclusion

The student should make a concrete conclusion by making firm recommendations and the decisions derived. Every decision should be backed with ample evidence and facts. The term paper should be concluded with a proper reference sheet. It helps to avoid unnecessary plagiarism. It will also help the examiner to find out the sources of information that are used to write this term paper.

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